When it comes to working in a casino, no other place will be remembered but Las Vegas, the bright lights of Sin city. The casino and gambling industry has made Las Vegas the world’s most excellent gambling spot and entertainment hot spot. There are other places as well which are famous only because of casinos and gambling.

Las Vegas

Famous Casinos all around the world

The USA is not the only one that is the Hotspot of casino entertainment. While there are other casinos like casinos in Lima in Peru, Panama City in Panama, Busan Gwangyeoksi in Korea, and Cebu Philippines have truly made travelling to casinos a major international tourist attraction. No matter how big cities grow and make their names, small towns, remote locations, and big cities across the country will always be famed for their casinos.

Types of casino jobs

There are different types of casino jobs that are necessary for the casinos to run, and they are:

  • Bartender
  • BlackJack Dealer
  • Casino manager
  • Cashier
  • Cocktail server
  • Customer service receptionist
  • Gaming dealer
  • Chef
  • Manager of gaming
  • Security
  • Shuttle driver
  • Sportsbook writer
  • Soot key personnel
  • Surveillance officer
  • Teller

Outlook of the employment

Jobs in the casinos are expected to grow on an average of 13% and can go higher in the later years compared to other occupations. We can observe the state of struggling due to the economy in different forms. Many states considered adding casinos to help them generate money for the state which will help them to save the budget shortfalls. Those willing to work in casinos must be ready to work in the small towns and cities, as most casinos across the country will be located outside the major metro areas.

Salary outlook

The positions in the casinos play a significant role in getting salaries. The managers will have an average salary of $73420 per year, according to the stats found at the end of 2013. Gaming supervisors make around $48300, and dealers will have $17420 per year. The dealers can make more money in the form of tips while they are dealing with the visitors. Slot key personnel will make an average of $25460 exclusive of dividends. Employees with no experience will have to deal with a salary slightly above the minimum wage.



Job seekers who have a wide variety of education, skill and training can be employed in the casino. Those who have moved into the management and administration stream will have a bachelor’s degree or a masters degree in business, sales, economics, hospitality, and management. A combination of industrial experience and education is what casinos will be looking for to employ the workers. For many positions, a high school degree may be needed to find stable employment at a casino. Those who impress the casino owners by proving that they can be trusted with money and the financial transactions will also be appreciated and attracted to various positions.

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